HOASpace Plan Feature Comparison

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Security Mega Extended Economy
Resident registration of user name and password
Resident login and logout screens
Sensitive pages can be protected from non-members
Optionally require approval of new user registrations by the administrator
FREE SSL security certificate available
Customizable Lists Mega Extended Economy
Important contact names, addresses, and phone numbers with photos
Contact information for local utility companies
Community amenities with photos  
Board member listing with contact information and photos  
Committee membership lists with optional links to member profiles  
Club membership lists with optional links to member profiles  
Viewing or downloading of electronic forms and documents
Add links to internet resources useful to your community
Categorized Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Member list with contact information and email links
Block Captain list with email links    
News, Events, and Information Mega Extended Economy
Customizable "About Us" page
Post community news bulletins and alerts
Display a scrolling list of announcements    
Display a horizontal scrolling marquee  
Add and view events and activities on the community calendar  
View current weather conditions and seven-day forecast (U.S. only)
Display a map of your community's location  
Create multiple photo galleries for online viewing
Display articles from RSS news feeds    
"What's New" page allows members to quickly access new website content  
Add a "popup" window whenever the Home page is displayed
Easily display an "Upcoming Events" box to your home page  
Search the website for content based on user-specified search terms    
Resident Interaction Mega Extended Economy
Discuss issues on the multi-topic discussion board  
Poll the community with surveys on important questions and issues  
Create customized forms that can be completed online and emailed    
Post classified ads with photos for autos, homes, and other items  
Create signup lists for community events    
Member guest registry with permanent and temporary guests    
Social network integration with Facebook™ and Twitter™
Reserve community amenities for specific dates and times    
Selected classified ads can be "featured" on the main page  
Report community HOA problems or violations to the property manager
Register homeowner's pets with photos for easy identification  
Register homeowner's cars with photos for easy identification    
Post ads for local service providers with resident ratings and feedback    
Share recipes with photos in the recipe book  
Each resident can choose a personal visual theme for the site
Private in-site messaging between residents  
QuickFeed public instant messaging board    
Administration Mega Extended Economy
Intuitive administration screen for site setup and management
Customizable navigation menu
Define menu options as public or private access
Several pre-defined visual themes are available
Create custom web pages using the built-in WYSIWYG editor
Customize and create new visual themes  
Send broadcast email messages with attachments to all registered users  
Track opens of broadcast email messages    
Find member profiles that match specific criteria    
Create user groups to control access to site features and admin functions  
View member activity information and usage statistics  
Manage association action items from inception to completion    
View server disk space and bandwidth usage information
View detailed monthly website usage statistics    
Use Google Fonts™ on your site    
Customize portions of the page template    
Add custom text to common e-mail notifications sent from the site    
Customize program title text    
Display a sponsor ad (multiple sponsors supported) on each website page  
Create and download backups of website contents
Import member information records from a text file  
Hosting Mega Extended Economy
Use your registered domain 1 FREE FREE FREE
Resident member registrations Up to 1,000 Up to 1,000 Up to 1,000
File storage space 5 GB 3 GB 1 GB
Email forwarding aliases 50 50 50
POP e-mail accounts (100 MB each) 10 5 --
Monthly Fee $39 $25 $15
1 If you have previously registered a domain name, you may park your domain on your HOASpace site at no additional charge.