HOASpace Privacy Policy

Software with Brains, LLC values your privacy. All personal and contact information supplied with your order or stored on your web site is kept confidential by our company and is never shared with any other company or organization without your express permission. We will never sell any information, including email addresses, provided to us by the administrator of a hosted web site, nor will we ever sell or distribute any of the information stored on your hosted community web site.

Our hosted sites use cookies stored on the customer's computer to maintain user login status at their community site during and between sessions.

Statistical information about visitors to this web site and our hosted sites is collected by the web server. This statistical information includes the IP address of the visitor, time and date of visit, address(es) of page(s) visited on the target site(s), browser type, country of origin, and search engine keywords used (if applicable). Depending on the hosting plan selected by the customer, this information may be available to administrators of the website as assigned by the customer, as well as our staff.

On some occasions we may need to access your hosted site using the administrator account to view or access the data stored on your site in order to investigate and/or duplicate a problem, or to verify web site operation. In these cases, any information accessed during this process is kept completely confidential and is used only during and for the process of such investigations and problem resolution procedures.

Hosted web sites may contain links to external web sites, programs, images, documents, or other content. This privacy policy does not apply to such external web sites, which may have their own privacy policies. It is the customer's responsibility to read and understand the privacy policy of any third-party site linked to their hosted community web site.

This policy may change in the future, which may affect the type of information collected by us, or the way in which that information is used. However, policy changes will not affect the way we use information collected prior to such changes without your express consent.