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Check out the features available with HOASpace.com
HOASpace offers the most sought-after features for a community web site*, all in an easy-to-navigate user interface. Anyone can set up and maintain an HOASpace web site -- you don't need to be a professional webmaster or computer guru. If you can operate a web browser, fill in fields and click the Save button, you're all set.
Customizable Content
  • Customizable home page content including images and photos
  • Electronic downloadable documents with optional group restrictions
  • Customize menu option titles and which options appear
  • Community amenities (swimming pool, clubhouse, etc.) with photos
  • Board member listing with contact information and photos
  • Committee and Club member listings
  • Block Captain listing with email links
  • Customizable "About Us" page for community information
  • Web links to other community-related web pages, organized by category
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), organized by category
  • Services listing for local providers with resident feedback and ratings
  • Local utility companies (cable, phone, etc.) contact information
  • Customizable context-sensitive help for all site features
  • Modify the instructions at the top of each feature to fit your community
  • Display a slideshow of your favorite photo gallery on the home page
  • Add custom text to common e-mail notifications sent from the site
  • Optionally enable the Google Translate™ service to transalate pages
News and Events
  • Categorized community news bulletins with file attachments
  • Members can optionally be allowed to submit new news stories
  • Community calendar with detailed information for each event
  • Event calendar supports recurring events (daily, weekly, biweekly, etc.)
  • Local U.S. weather with current conditions and seven-day forecast
  • Photo galleries with slideshows
  • "What's New" feature quickly shows recent additions to the site
  • Vertical scrolling "Announcements" box for your home page
  • Horizontal scrolling marquee for important alerts on your home page
  • Display recent articles from RSS news feeds.
  • Optional popup alert window when visitors enter site
  • "Upcoming Events" box shows upcoming calendar events on home page
  • "Recent News" box shows most recent news stories on home page
  • "What's New" box shows most recent site additions on home page
  • "Recent Discussions" box shows most recently active discussion topics
  • Web site search feature quickly locates content by keyword(s)
Resident Interaction
  • Multi-category, multi-topic discussion board with file attachments
  • Multi-question polls and surveys.
  • Social network integration with Facebook™ and Twitter™ for sharing links
  • Residents can register to attend calendar events
  • Reservation system for community amenities
  • Customizable fill-in forms with text fields, pulldown lists, and checkboxes
  • Classified ads with photos and featured ads on home page
  • Suggestion/Problem report form
  • Car registry with photos
  • Pet registry with photos and featured pet status
  • Recipe book with photos
  • Collect dues and fees online using credit cards or e-checks 1
  • Inbox and outbox for private messages between residents
  • QuickFeed message board for public instant message posting
Member Profiles
  • Member photo may be uploaded to profile.
  • Allows both primary and alternate address/contact information per profile
  • Up to 10 custom profile entry fields can be defined
  • Members can opt in/out of notifications for discussion, news, or calendar posts
  • Email confirmation sent to resident during registration or email update
  • Optionally notify administrator of new registrations and/or profile changes
  • Control whether name/address/phone are required fields
  • Assign members to various groups to control access to site features
  • Restrict a member from posting on the discussion boards
  • Personal visual theme for site can be chosen by each member
  • Menu text font style can be selected by each member
  • Members can hide personal profile information from other members
  • Supports entry of apartment, unit, or lot number
  • Export member listing to spreadsheet or delimited text file
  • Optionally create member profiles by importing from from text file
  • Inuitive site administration
  • Customizable navigation menu with menu editor
  • Menus support two levels of submenus for each menu entry
  • Public and member-only menu items
  • File manager allows uploading of custom images, photos, or web pages
  • Automatic compression of uploaded photos and images
  • Several pre-designed visual themes are available, or create new ones
  • Custom web pages (built-in editor works like a mini word-processor)
  • Broadcast email messages to all residents or just certain groups
  • Send broadcast text messages to subscribing members' cell phones
  • Search for members feature
  • Member groups allow restricing specific content to certain members
  • Use member groups to assign administrative privileges to specific groups
  • Allow residents to optionally contact all members of a committee or club
  • Association action item management tool with ability to attach documents to items
  • Detailed web site usage statistics
  • Member activity logging
  • Sponsor ads with text or graphical banners linking to sponsor's web site
  • Create and download backups of site content
  • Select page to be displayed immediately upon member login and/or registration
  • Print formatted member listing with important address/contact information
  • Resident website registration with optional CAPTCHA
  • Resident login and logout screens with encryption
  • Select which menu options are public and which are private (members-only)
  • Optionally require approval of new user registrations by the administrator
  • Disable any registered member's profile to prevent access to the site
  • Ban specific IP addresses or IP address blocks from accessing the site
  • Optionally limit the number of failed logins before a temporary lockout
  • Hosted on dedicated server at the SingleHop data center.
  • Server protected by firewall and monitored 24/7/365.
  • Ample server disk space for document and photo storage (varies per plan)
  • Your registered domain name pointed to your HOASpace web site 2
  • POP e-mail accounts with webmail access (varies per plan)
  • Mail forwarding with multiple recipient distribution per forwarder
  • SpamAssassin™ spam control applied to all incoming email
*Included features vary per plan.
  1. Requires a PayPal™ business account for credit card payments or Green By Phone account for e-check payments.
  2. Domain name registration not included. We will park your registered domain on your HOASpace site at no additional charge or we will provide you with a free subdomain address for your site.